100mg Psilocybe Cubensis per Capsule

Bliss Capsule Benefits:

Looking for a mood enhancer? We have combined a blend using Psilocybe Cubensis, Kanna Extract and Mucuna Pruriens. With these 3 ingredients blended together, it’ll definitely enhance your mood. Psilocybe Cubensis heightens one’s vision, hearing, touch, and spatial orientation. Kanna Extract is added to help with the relief of stress from our environment, creating a calm space in one’s mind, yet still having the ability to be alert. Mucuna Pruriens Extract is a unique bean that nourishes one’s nervous system and is a natural source of Levodopa which enhances dopamine. This results in uplifting one’s mood along with a sense of emotional well-being.


ALWAYS take on an empty stomach for optimal effect (best taken in the morning).
Option 1: Take 1 dosage (1-2 capsules) every other day for full effect.
Option 2: Take 1 dosage (1-2 capsules) 4 days in a row for a week and give yourself a break for 3 days.


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