Organic Super Mario


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Super Mario is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain known to have a great flavour and heavy high. It is characterised by a frosty trichome layer surrounded by bright-orange hairs. Its picture-perfect appearance makes it really appetising to smoke. It gives off an earthy aroma, combining the sweet taste of pine and wood. Super Mario is the type of cannabis strain that users enjoy savoring and slow smoking to take in every bit of its aroma and flavour. Super Mario offers an intense euphoric buzz, sending shivers down your spine and providing strong motivation. While it may offer a bit of sedation towards the end, it will make you feel happy, relaxed, and calm as you smoke this marijuana strain. This strain adds energy and improves your performance, enabling you to accomplish all your tasks for the day without making you feel exhausted. Each of Shrooms-Online’s products undergoes a meticulous selection and testing process to ensure that you get nothing, but the best quality weed. Get your dose of Super Mario only from our online cannabis shop.

Flavors: Earthy, Woody, Piney

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Light Sedation

Medical: Migraines, Regular Pain or Aches, Appetite loss, Anxiety, Depression

Potency: 12-18% THC Content


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