Pink Rockstar AAA


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Make way for the superstar of all strains—Pink Rockstar! She is sought-after by cannabis connoisseurs searching for sweet earthy flavors. The Pink Rockstar got its name from its celebrity parentage, Pink Kush and Rockstar Kush. Its enticing pungent aroma of skunk and Kush with accents of Diesel, and swamp-green colored nugs embellished with THC crystals and amber-orange hairs, make it one of the most popular strains in British Columbia. The Pink Rockstar high is Indica-driven that hits heavy yet gently like a warm soothing blanket making you feel calm from head to toe. Its 19 to 20% THC content will give you a deep sense of relaxation for both your mind and body, preparing you for bed in no time. For these sedating effects, medicinal users use the Pink Rockstar to treat insomnia, chronic stress or PTSD, chronic pain, chronic anxiety, appetite loss, and depression. Check out the gamut of cannabis goodies Shrooms-Online offers at the best deals!


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