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Trainwreck Strain

Its name, Trainwreck sums up the potent, mind-bending effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid strain that hits like a freight train. A Northern California staple, it was bred with Mexican and Thai sativas and Afghani indicas. The strain has a piney and lemony citrus menthol scent with sharp occasional fruitiness. It has a citrus-dominant flavor, at times carrying an acrid, fuel component, and mentholated quality. The plant often looks gray from the heavy trichome coverage, has a heavily sativa structure and minimal leaf count, and large calyxes. Trainwreck’s sativa mold delivers nearly incapacitating mental effects that can be overwhelming for some. The weed begins its speedy rush through the mind with a surge of euphoria. It awakens your creativity and triggers a feeling of happiness. Trainwreck’s high THC content mows down pain, migraines, and arthritis. Its benefits have also been experienced by patients with conditions such as nausea, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD. As experts in the cannabis industry with over 25 years in the business, we guarantee shipping your orders most discreetly and safely so you receive your orders without delay and hassle. Our excellent customer service makes us Canada’s preferred online cannabis source.

Flavors: Lemon, Pine, Woody
Effects: Body High, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry
Medical: Muscle Spasms, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches
Potency: 18-25% THC Content

Why Choose Trainwreck Strain?

Trainwreck Strain is not your average strain. It’s a potent, mind-bending hybrid that hits you like a freight train with its effects of citrus and menthol flavors coupled to some piney tones for good measure! This Sativa dominant variety hails from Northern California but originated in Mexico before being crossed together by Thai landrace strains as well as Afghani Indica creating Train Wrecks signature power-packed blend at heart.;) The plant itself often thrives off its heavy trichome coverage, which gives way into large calyxes–so you know these babies will be bred beautifully when grown outdoors. Trainwreck Strain is a potent, mind-bending strain that hits like the freight train it takes its name from. Northern California has long been home to this Sativa dominant hybrid bred with Mexican and Thai plants mixed in for added spice while still carrying some Afghani genes! The scent of Trainwrecks can range anywhere between citrus & menthol flavors. It sharps, sometimes turning into fruitiness at times but always remaining piney throughout – no matter what kind you get or where your local dispensary stocks them (our recommendation: ask before buying!). One thing’s certain, though, then the strain will leave any thirsty patient asking, “What happened?” A piney citrus scent combined with occasional sharp fruitiness alongside lemony hints mixed throughout; there are even times when you’ll detect some fuel qualities reminiscent of burning wood or leaves during autumn months! Its flavor profile can be best described as acrid at first, then fruity later on – these flavors will change depending on how moods take us sometimes.  Trainwreck Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers nearly incapacitating mental effects. The weed starts its quick rush through your mind with an intense euphoria, awakening creativity and triggering feelings of happiness in some users who experience its high THC content. Trainwreck’s benefits have also been felt by patients suffering from conditions such as pain relief/anxiety treatment, ADD/ADHD symptoms management via medication or diet changes, among others, according to studies conducted on behalf of medical marijuana dispensaries across America. Train Wreck strain has shown itself time after again when treating serious health issues. The Trainwreck strain is a potent type of marijuana that delivers near-incapacitating mental effects.  Buy Trainwreck Strain in Canada Shrooms-online.net is a Canadian online dispensary that offers Trainwreck Strain for sale in Canada. Order today to get your desired strain at an affordable price! Trainwreck Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and it’s available to purchase at Shrooms-online.net in Canada. It has very high levels of THC (18-25%), so be careful if you are new to marijuana or have an anxiety disorder. If you don’t know how much pot can affect your mood, start with less than the average dose someone would take for their first time smoking weed before deciding on an amount. This way, you’ll avoid any unwanted side effects that could cause problems during this experience.  Trainwreck Strain has gained notoriety for its euphoric and energetic effects. It means that it’s perfect to use during the day or in social settings, but not as good an option if you need something to help with sleep problems at night (although some people still find it relaxing). It takes about 30 minutes after consumption before the high sets. It can last anywhere from three to six hours, depending on how much was used. Many users report feeling happy, creative, energized, and talkative while using this strain with others, saying they have more focus than usual. You can buy Trainwreck Strain online from Shrooms-online.net in Canada. Trainwreck Strain provides an uplifting, clear-headed high with plenty of mental focus. The cerebral effects make this flower so sought after by patients dealing with stress or anxiety disorders and those who need to be productive during the day. Shrooms-Online has been providing cannabis products for over 25 years. Our selection includes dozens of strains like Trainwreck, including many other types of buds such as Indica dominant hybrids, which can help users find relief from insomnia at times of the night. If you’re looking for relaxation without the lethargy, try out some Trainwreck today!


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