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If the sweet flavour profiles of other strains are making you bored then the Tuna Kush will give you a gastronomic experience with its odd yet interesting taste. As its name suggests, the Tuna Kush tastes like rotting tuna fish with a hint of sour skunk that initially makes users gag but surprisingly makes them crave for more. The exact origin of this rare strain is unknown, but it is believed to have come from Hindu Kush phenol types. This hybrid strain is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The THC level of the Tuna Kush is anywhere between 16% to 18%. It is also known to offer one of the best highs described by a euphoric feeling that lifts your energy and as it escalates, leaves you in a dreamy introspection that can make you feel sleepy. This strain’s couch-lock effects are perfect for treating sleeping disorders like insomnia. Check out the rest of our stash for super steal deals and prices!

Flavors: Dank, Diesel, Spicy
Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy
Medical: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Stress
Potency: 16-18% THC Content

Why Choose Tuna Kush Strain?

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll fill your taste buds with something new and exciting, then the Tuna Kush is just what we have here. The sour skunk flavor combined with its surprising but not unpleasant smell makes this particular hybrid cannabis variety 70% Indica 30% Sativa. The Tuna Kush is a rare strain that gives users an exciting yet sour taste. The name of this hybrid cannabis variety suggests it tastes like rotten tuna fish, but some say you can get hints of skunk in there too! It’s unknown where or how these plants came from; however, their genetics are mostly from Hindu-Kush types, making them 70% Indica with 30 percent Sativa combined traits making for one unique smelling and tasting smokable delight. The rare hybrid has an odor reminiscent that makes users gag at first but surprisingly enough leads them into wanting more. If you’re bored of the taste of your typical cannabis, then there is a solution. The Tuna Kush will give users an experience that they can’t get enough of, and it may sound odd at first, but once this strain kicks in, it’s not hard for them to crave more! This rare hybrid contains 70% Indica genetics mixed with 30 percent Sativa ones making it quite different from others yet still maintaining some enjoyable qualities about both types such as providing relief from pain or tension through sedative effects while also stimulating appetite if needed.

What are the effects of Tuna Kush?

Tuna Kush is known for its euphoric high that will leave you feeling introspective. This strain’s couch-lock effects are perfect for treating sleeping disorders like insomnia, making it the best way to get a good night of rest. Our team at Shrooms-Online knows how hard it can be to find quality cannabis with potent THC levels and great deals on top strains like this one–so we made sure to offer both in our store!  The THC level of the Tuna Kush is between 16% to 18%. It leaves you in a dreamy introspection with time for self-reflection while feeling more energetic than ever before. In addition, this strain can make those who have insomnia feel rested thanks to its couch-lock effects, which are perfect treatment options!

Buy Tuna Kush Strain in Canada

The Shrooms-Online team is excited to offer Tuna Kush strain. In addition to being an Indica-dominant hybrid, this proprietary blend has inherited many traits from its parent strains which are well-known pain-relieving strains. It makes it perfect for those who need relief from anxiety or chronic pain but don’t want to medicate themselves with something too heavy. We know you will love our Tuna Kush Strain!


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